dōTERRA Essential Oils

doTERRA Enrollment Kits
The enrollment kits listed on this page are priced at wholesale pricing which requires a wholesale membership to be created with doTERRA.
When you purchase any of the kits in the collection the membership fee is included. Here in New Zealand that is an automatic savings of $40.00.

A doTERRA Essentials booklet to each enrollment kit is also included and contains important and interesting topics, like:  

  • Sourcing: this discusses the origins of our oils and how they’re extracted. It’s fascinating learning the intricate processes of how these precious oils are created! 
  • Scientific research: what makes doTERRA oils so superior is the fact we have scientific research to back up our claims. This allows you the peace of mind to do your work by spreading the good word knowing you have CPTG® oils. 
  • Information on each oil: your ultimate guide on each oil’s main benefits and uses.
  • Safety guide: each oil is unique in its use and benefits. Some can be ingested, while others would be toxic. The safety guide will provide you with that knowledge. 
  • Supplement and weight management information: filled with information to help you discern which supplements to take and when. 
  • Hair and personal care: know why these products work and which active ingredients are being used in each of them. 
  • Oil cap stickers: to help you organize your collection of oils. 

If you would like to know how you can get these amazing essential oils into your home and life; or if you would like to access a wholesale membership with dōTERRA; then please send me a dm, pm or email me at theliloilspot@gmail.com.