Cocoa Butter

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High quality pure cocoa butter for skincare products. Cocoa Butter is made from cocoa beans after fermenting, roasting and pressing to separate the cocoa solids. It has a distinctive cocoa flavour and aroma.


Skincare uses and benefits:

  • In it's raw form, cocoa butter can be melted in the hands and applied directly to the skin, it is absorbed well without leaving the skin greasy, and improves skin elasticity and tone
  • Cocoa butter is high in fatty acids (oleic, palmitic, and stearic), which nourish and hydrate the skin deeply, making it a valuable addition to body moisturisers and lip balms
  • Effective on skin blemishes, scars and stretchmark prevention during pregnancy
  • The anti-inflammatory properties of cocoa butter help skin irritations such as psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis

Cocoa butter, also called theobroma oil, is a pale-yellow, edible vegetable fat extracted from the cacao bean. It has no dairy in it, just pure cocoa butter extracted from cocoa beans, and is 100% vegan.